You are dying, I am living.

I am taking, you are giving

the bright light.

Sunny days that raced ahead,

Are now darkening and dead.

And that alleyway where we always met,

Now is exiled and a threat.

You are dying, I am living.

You are drowning, I am slipping

Into the same sea.

Signed Arouge


What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks? 


My vivid daydreams are being brought to life.

You stand alone like a beacon of light. The innocence of your beauty is deprived, thrown away like the first draft of a beautiful story. 

Your warmth beams through the sun and glares over me. Your stare cascades with the river making me ponder at such beauty.

You were in the back of my mind, on a dusty old bookshelf. 

Now I know that sometimes ‘Spring cleaning’ isn’t that bad after all…

Signed Arouge