You are dying, I am living.

I am taking, you are giving

the bright light.

Sunny days that raced ahead,

Are now darkening and dead.

And that alleyway where we always met,

Now is exiled and a threat.

You are dying, I am living.

You are drowning, I am slipping

Into the same sea.

Signed Arouge



You shouldn’t have to search. The answer should lie within you. It is buried under the layers of your life. It is the means of finding it and then you shall truly prosper.


Knowledge is our safest bet on how to find it. If you acquire knowledge, you shall find it. Knowledge is power and power is knowledge. A lover of knowledge seeks for better understanding of life and its restless activities. A lover of knowledge seeks the compensation of peace.

To read is to know.

To seek is to go.

We can only achieve a better state of life when this motto is the first thing we wake to and the last thought before we fall into our deep slumbers. These days, intelligence is underestimated, simply because it seems easy to acquire. However, the question posed here is not ‘is intelligence lost’, but, rather how should we begin to value our intelligence? How do we know if our intelligence is important to the world? We never know. There will be various answers to these questions but one must remember that the answers will be subjective, for intelligence is a subjective matter.

I think the real point that wanders out of this pondering is if we can access ‘true’ knowledge that benefits mankind only then can we find internal peace. Of course, each human believes mankind will benefit from various kinds of things that another disagrees with, hence the reason for so much hatred these days. One has to use their own mind and come to terms with the idea that if the knowledge you are acquiring is harming you mentally and is disrupting your internal peace, it is wise to then begin questioning it. Is it worth carrying?

The responsibility of knowing is great. However, our responsibility of choosing what to know is greater as it reflects in our actions and our self. Most people are afraid to look down and just read, for they may find the truth.

Signed Arouge