Lone Soul


My lonely soul, how lonely you shall grow!

Others shall try to seek to know, but, will only walk away.

Loneliness is contagious; it mutates the cells of the human body and causes sickness.

Signed Arouge




Your words fail to evoke any emotion.

Your dark camouflaged skin wriggles

With the snakes,

              Hissing and slithering over my brain,

           But, you mean nothing.

Signed Arouge  

Haters are going to Hate…

I am not what ‘you’ want me to be. I am what I am.


You may not understand the importance of the soul, or the way the heart pumps blood around the body and how the sun nurtures the crops. However, just because you don’t understand, does not mean it is not working. These features of life work perfectly and never stop to think about what your opinion about them is.

Ignorance is a disease and it spreads.

Signed Arouge

You become what You are.


You are


White, holy, a virginal frame, like a dove

Spreading its wings, etching its spirit into the sky.


You are


A white rose, against the

backdrop of the darkness.


You are


Red apples glistening, hanging

On the tree in the Garden of Eden.


You are




Signed Arouge

Jealousy, Jealousy, Jealousy…

The greatest enemy is jealousy. It stains the heart and curdles the blood, it does mankind no good.


Reclaim your happiness by not focusing on what others have. Reclaim your soul by not wishing bad upon those who may be blessed with gains that you do not have. Instead, pray and wish the best upon those who prosper and focus on the qualities of your life that shine forth.

Jealousy hardens the heart. It makes you susceptible to hate. Hatred causes the O Zone layer of humanity to rip. We are constantly prying on other’s lives, that we have forgotten our own.

How can you feel content and in harmony with life’s blessings when you are trying to point out somebody else’s flaws?

Signed Arouge

God, The Unfathomable Being!

‘Where is God?’ they grin with their salivating teeth,

where is God?


God is

the bird that chirps to another day of your existence,
the weather that changes without your permission,
the drops of honey into your palm,
the serenity of a sweet salaam.

The waves that lap over the shore,
the brushstrokes of large grown crops
that secrete the flesh of a corn,
the wavering element in the air of
nitrogen, oxygen and

Signed Arouge

The Tongue

The tongue is a burden given to us. It is a weight we carry in order to keep relations, to speak up and to exist.


A small piece of flesh that rummages through the mouth secreting the warm oozing saliva that trickles down the throat. A small piece of flesh that runs dry when given no love of water to quench its thirst. To quench the thirst of the tongue, we must speak wonders. It can draw the curtains on the scorching deathly sun who peers to awaken us from our dreams. It can give life to the crumbly flaky skin that the tongue licks to exfoliate away. It gives warmth to those who sleep in the dirt of cold wet streets.

But, other than that, the tongue is a burden given to us. Words we spit out ravenously, in order to fill the spaces. People speak to fill silences. We no longer speak to breathe into the balloon of life. We fill. Fillers are doomed. Fillers are negative. The words of fillers’ hurt.

Don’t be a filler of hate, be a filler of love!

Signed Arouge