Who Says Words With My Mouth? 

Where do I come from? Where does home begin and end?

I don’t belong. My soul calls for another home.

My soul longs.

I don’t belong here.

Signed Arouge


Lone Soul


My lonely soul, how lonely you shall grow!

Others shall try to seek to know, but, will only walk away.

Loneliness is contagious; it mutates the cells of the human body and causes sickness.

Signed Arouge



Your words fail to evoke any emotion.

Your dark camouflaged skin wriggles

With the snakes,

              Hissing and slithering over my brain,

           But, you mean nothing.

Signed Arouge  


I’ll shield you from the fire and then throw you in.

I’ll keep you at bay and then feed your desire.


Signed Arouge

Haters are going to Hate…

I am not what ‘you’ want me to be. I am what I am.


You may not understand the importance of the soul, or the way the heart pumps blood around the body and how the sun nurtures the crops. However, just because you don’t understand, does not mean it is not working. These features of life work perfectly and never stop to think about what your opinion about them is.

Ignorance is a disease and it spreads.

Signed Arouge

Sad Girl

I wasn’t born mad.


The thing they never tell you about madness, the first number one rule. Madness is funny because it can kill you. You can’t sugar coat the issue, just like you can’t erase the madness. It is like a tumour growing in your brain, dominating all the other cells. So as a result you begin to neglect certain attributes of life that others enjoy. You don’t like to partake in conversations that seem superficial. You simply don’t live life the ‘way you are supposed to’. The worst thing about madness is that you can’t scrape it off like gum of your shoe or through the means of a surgical procedure. It is there to stay. The first step to take if you are ‘blessed’ with madness is to hide that you are. I say this because I believe people who are ‘mad’ are usually conscious whilst the ‘normal’ people are asleep. They argue it is the other way around, but then again, they tend to argue all the time. They are like people who are loud and obnoxious, and when they start expressing their opinions, nobody wants to react because nobody cares. It’s their usual behaviour. People around you are like trees and you can’t stop a tree from growing in a certain direction, its roots are stuck to the ground and no matter how strong the wind is blowing, it’s likely to never give in. Two words; pure ignorance. Mad people are like the leaves that sway with the wind. We want to know more; we need to know more.

Signed Arouge